Humy Vap 48 is an innovative cabinet designed to promote a quick recovery humidity to different type of weft yarn, such as raw and processed ones. The work strategies are different and all easily pro- grammable from a control unit.

The optimal working conditions should be: T=40°-60°C RH=90%

These are values to be considered as purely theoretical as they are influenced by several factors.

Our cabinet is internally made of stainless steel and is thermally insulated by polyurethane injected to a density of Kg 43/mc covered by zinc sheet so as not to disperse humidity and heat outside, thus reducing energy requirements.

Heating an humidity control is important to speed up and standardize the isothermal process (humidity absorption from the environment); of equal importance is also the movement of the internal air to uniformly distribute the humidity and heat in every part of the cell. The humidity and temperature data are perceived by a sensor and controlled by a software.

Data sheet