PDFvaportexThe commercial weight of the fibres and of the yarns, especially fine natural fibres such as cotton, wool, linen and silk, is an essential aspect and must not to be overlooked if you do not want to have any loss of profit.
The most correct and stable in time technique is to leave the bobbins in special rooms humidifying for about 24-48 hours so that the bobbins may slowly but steadily increase its moisture level set by international parameters.
These rooms however, require an help to raise the value of moisture in the air.
VAPORTEX is an industrial air humidifier developed and manufactured by NUOVA RIMATES, it is the technological answer at an affordable cost in terms of investment and consumption in this strategic need of yarn manufacturers.
The technical data of VAPORTEX are as follows:
– Humidification capacity of an area up to 100 m3
– Automatic water filling
– Operation at 220 V electricity

VAPORTEX placed in a humidity recovery room ensures a further increase of moisture of the yarns.