CAPI WINDPDFLast textiles solution created and developed by NUOVA RIMATES for use on all types of flat knitting machines on the market.
CAPI WIND solves two production problems:
– The knit fabric produced by the machine tends to stick to the machine itself as a result of static electricity present on the knit fabric because of poorly wetted environments and poorly lubricated yarns.
– The knitting machine produces in a short time the knitted garment but if the operator does not remove it from the machine itself the garment can cause breakage and lowering production speed.
CAPI WIND is ingenious system of easy application thank to the magnetic connections requires no drilling or special brackets to be applied to knitting machines.
The principle is an air puff controlled by an electronic control unit that avoids the contact between the machine and the knit fabric preventing the latter from sticking to the machine. Once the knitting machine produced the finished fabric, CAPI WIND thanks to a switch connected to the electronic control unit blows away the fabric itself avoiding obstructions with the next fabric of the latter product.