Humy roomMobile industrial air humidifier with “dry fog” technology which is able to increase quickly, but without PDFwetting, the air humidity level of small areas and the humidity level present on the textile materials such as raw fibres, slivers and yarns.

Many types of yarn in order to be processed correctly without suffer from breaks, textile machine downtime need a reliable and consistent level of humidity and HUMY ROOM DOUBLE PLUS is the answer to this need.

HUMY ROOM DOUBLE PLUS developed and made from NUOVA RIMATES, is recognized as the best mobile industrial air humidifier with “dry fog” technology for theses specific reasons:
– It does not require hydraulic system but it is enough to fill the large tank incorporated.
– Water tank with a large capacity of 40 liters, made entirely of stainless steel, equipped with air/water filter and safety valves that meet the most severe CE regulations.
– Nozzle made in stainless steel with automatic self-cleaning technology that intervenes at every humidification cycle to clean the impurities and fouling.
– Electronic sensor “HYGROST” connected to the control unit which detect the level of humidity in the air .
– Electronic control unit NUOVA RIMATES with the possibility of reading the percentage of humidity in the air, setting up the automatic on-off operation of the device until the desired percentage of humidity is reached, manual on-off function.
– Double nozzle “dry fog” that is able to reach a value of 65% of relative humidity in an environment of 250 m3 with temperate temperatures in just 10 minutes.
– Low consumption of compressed air with maximum efficiency.
– Micrometric adjustment of the water droplet size to achieve the effect “dry fog”.
– Anti lock wheels.

Electronic control unitnozzle









The advantages obtainable with the mobile air humidification device HUMY ROOM DOUBLE PLUS are:

– Lower level of yarn breaks with a consequent increase in productivity.
– Drastic reduction of static electricity on the textile materials and in the air.
– Reduction of the dust in the air and neutralization of odours.
– Effective reduction of the temperature around the device.
– Ease of use and minimal investment thanks to the portability of the device.
– Low consumption of compressed air.
– Precise control of the desired humidity value.

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